Brad Kern — Ohio State: The Undisputed WR University

Brad Kern
4 min readOct 17, 2023
Brad Kern — Ohio State: The Undisputed WR University

The pantheon of college football has historically assigned revered titles to universities excelling in specific positions. However, in the ever-evolving realm of college football, some schools etch their dominance in new and resounding ways. Today, the conversation around wide receiver excellence is dominated by one institution: Ohio State.

1. A Legacy of Outstanding Talent

Ohio State’s illustrious past is punctuated with wide receivers who have dazzled both on the collegiate stage and in the NFL. Think of players like Michael Thomas, who has been a revelation for the New Orleans Saints, or Terry McLaurin, a cornerstone for the Washington Football Team. Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson and both of their immediate impacts on the Saints and Jets respectively.

Moreover, the likes of Devin Smith, Parris Campbell, K.J. Hill, and Curtis Samuel don’t merely represent a list of alumni; they symbolize a tradition. Their achievements have laid a robust foundation, signaling to future prospects the boundless opportunities available at Ohio State. This legacy acts as a testament to the university’s unmatched capability to mold and produce top-tier wide receiver talent.

2. Current Crop of Stars

While the past paints an impressive picture, the present roster of wide receivers at Ohio State is equally, if not more, astounding. Players like Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka, Julian Fleming, and Jayden Ballard have become nightmares for defensive coordinators. While the future looks bright with the already promise shown from both Carnell Tate and Brandon Innis (getting his first TD on his first reception at Ohio State!)

The amalgamation of their skill sets offers a mix of deep-threat capabilities, precise route running, and unmatched agility. Moreover, their collective performances have often been the linchpin for many of Ohio State’s victories, underlining their indispensable value to the team. With each game, they don’t just play; they sculpt Ohio State’s narrative as the ultimate WR University.

3. Recruiting Prowess

Recruitment is the lifeblood of any collegiate program, and Ohio State has mastered this art, especially in the wide receiver domain. Brian Hartline, in particular, has been a revelation in this sphere. His genuine approach to recruitment, emphasizing authentic relationships over transactional interactions, has reeled in phenomenal talent.

Recent commits, such as the four-star recruits Jeremiah McClellan and Jeremiah Smith, highlight the program’s magnetic pull. The inclusion of Chris Henry Jr., son of the former Bengals wide receiver, in the recruiting discussions demonstrates Ohio State’s encompassing reach. Each recruitment cycle seems to further solidify Ohio State’s position at the zenith of wide receiver development.

4. Coaching Excellence

Central to Ohio State’s wide receiver dominance is its impeccable coaching pedigree. The name Brian Hartline is often echoed as a synonym for wide receiver brilliance at Ohio State. Under Hartline’s tutelage, the Buckeyes have not only maintained but have elevated their reputation in the wide receiver realm.

His acumen for the game, combined with a fervent desire for excellence, has created a nurturing environment where talent thrives. Beyond the plays and drills, it’s the culture of constant improvement and growth that Hartline instills, making Ohio State the ideal launchpad for aspiring wide receivers.

5. An Offense Designed for Success

Ohio State’s offensive design is an ode to its wide receivers. Crafted meticulously by head coach Ryan Day, the playbook capitalizes on the strengths of its receiving corps. It encompasses deep shots, quick slants, and screens, ensuring that wide receivers are perpetually in the limelight.

This dynamic offensive approach not only optimizes the team’s scoring potential but also showcases the wide range of talents its receivers possess. It’s a system where individual brilliance is harmonized with collective efficacy, leading to spectacular gridiron symphonies week after week.

6. An Enviable Future

The horizon holds even more promise for Ohio State’s wide receiver program. Emerging talents like Carnell Tate, Lincoln Kienholz, and Arvell Reese are not just future prospects; they are emblematic of the continuing legacy of wide receiver excellence at Ohio State.

The confluence of established stars and these budding prodigies paints a future where Ohio State’s dominance isn’t just maintained but accentuated. As they say, the best is yet to come, and for Ohio State’s wide receiver room, that future seems luminously bright.

Final Verdict

Ohio State’s claim to being the eminent WR University isn’t just based on sporadic moments of brilliance. It’s a combination of a rich legacy, current superstars, astute recruiting, exemplary coaching, a strategic offense, and a promising future. The Buckeyes have crafted a wide receiver narrative that is unparalleled, setting them apart as the gold standard in college football. — Brad Kern